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Questions & Answers about CBD and Hemp

Does CBD (Hemp Extract) oil work for my issue, illness or disease?

The FDA does not allow us to make any claims about what CBD (Hemp Extract) Oil can do or may do for you.  But, we can tell you that numerous customers use our products regularly.* see disclaimer


-Which Happy Karma® product is right for me? Should I take your Sublingual/Oral oil, use your Topical Salve, or both?

The FDA limits our legal suggestions. We can give you information in hopes you will make an educated decision for yourself. The best way to explain the uses for our sublingual "Happy Karma Hemp Extract Oil" and "Happy Karma Hemp Relief" topical salves is that the oil works from the inside out and the salve works from the outside in. This is a generic description, of course. Each human and animal has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The sublingual oil works to alleviate and benefit the ECS in order to help your body reach the state of homeostasis (Balance). You can read more about the Endocannabinoid system on our "What's Hemp" Tab on the home page, as well as find out more factual information.


-Are Happy Karma® products Organic? Where are your products made?

Yes. Our CBD (hemp extract) is organically-grown on a family Farm in Oregon and our ingredients are 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, cruelty- Free, ethically-sourced, sustainably-grown, sometimes fair-trade, paraben-free and handcrafted with love and intention, and reiki-infused in Austin, Texas

COA (Certificate of Analysis) Link





-How much Oral CBD (Hemp Extract) should I take and how often should I take it?

There is no definitive  answer to this. Because each individual's Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is different, it requires some trial and error to get the right amount for you and your condition.  But, with patience and practice, you should be able to get to the dose right for you in just a few days of working with it.  

The labels state to start with 5-10 pu,ps, twice a day for the first 3-4 days to build it up in your system and so you can truly see what its doing.  After this amount of time, increase or decrease the amount you’re taking based on the results you’re seeing. Our oils come in 500mg and 1000mg bottles. For lighter weighted people of for people with lower pain or ailment levels, starting with a 3-6mg dose two times a day can be a good start. This would be the 500mg bottle. For people with higher pain levels or needs, our 1000mg bottle would have a starting dose of 15mg two times per day. Both have room for a little wiggle room in trying to get to what dose works for your individual needs. Some people have chronic pain and illnesses and therefore require a much higher mg bottle. We will one day carry a 3000mg bottle. Until we do, we can specially make a bottle upon request.


-How often can I use the Happy Karma® Hemp CBD Relief Salve?

As often as you need or desire to. You can't use too much. Just make sure you do not use it on open wounds, as it contains the anti-inflammatory of Arnica, which is not meant to be internalized.


-How long does it take to start noticing the oral Happy Karma® Hemp Extract Oil?

Again, each person differs. When taking the right amount for your body, it generally only takes about 20-30 minutes for it become effective. Most people  do not know what to expect and often overlook that they are beginning to feel something . Some people notice immediately, others may notice after a few to 7 days.


-How should I take the oral/sublingual Happy Karma® Hemp CBD Extract oil?

The thinnest skin tissue is underneath our tongue. By taking our oil orally, it allows your body to quickly absorb more of the ingredients into the bloodstream. It is recommended to pump the oil directly under your tongue, HOLD it there for one to two full minutes and then swallow. If taking with other medication, it is more effective to take the Hemp Extract Oil AFTER you are drinking, so as not to wash the oil down. The longer it is under your tongue, the better the absorption.


-Will CBD show up on a drug/urine test?

Our products are from whole-plant full spectrum industrial hemp extract and do contain the federally and Texas State legal <0.3%  of THCBecause the level of THC is so low, people don’t experience any sort of the “high” feeling they feel when using marijuana. Although our current 3rd party labs show as 'undetectable for THC" (Only in Happy Karma Hemp-branded CBD products) There is a small possibility of someone failing a drug test, but as per the article we are attaching below, it is not very likely.  In order to be sure, we recommend that you talk with your employer or whomever may be testing you prior to using any Hemp Extract (CBD) products to get their approval. Many companies that drug test have begun allowing employees to use Hemp Extract (CBD) products once they are given the information and have had the chance to do research. In fact, the International Olympics committee is now allowing athletes to use Hemp-derived (CBD) supplements and products. Be sure to Read the Article about Drug testing and Hemp Extract (CBD) by clicking HERE.



-Can I take Happy Karma® Hemp CBD Oil with Medication? What if my medication warns me not to eat Grapefruit?

We are not doctors and we cannot provide this advice. We always recommend speaking to a physician before taking any new supplements. 


 WARNING: Please also consult a physician if you have received specific instructions by a medical professional regarding GRAPEFRUIT. Please treat any Hemp Extract (CBD) products with the same caution. Some cannabinoids can have a similar interaction and could be problematic in some cases.


-Is CBD Legal? Do I need a prescription? 

The legality depends on the source of the CBD.

While hemp-derived CBD is federally legal and is legal in almost all 50 states, including Texas, ‘marijuana’-derived CBD is not federally legal.

Both hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family making them similar in many ways. The government classifies “marijuana” as any plant of the cannabis family that contains greater than 0.3% THC.  They classify hemp as any plant of the cannabis family that contains less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp plants have a high amount of CBD and low amounts of THC rather than marijuana plants that have high levels of THC. That’s why most CBD products use CBD from hemp not marijuana.

The bottom line here is, if your CBD comes from hemp, it’s legal. CBD made from “marijuana” with high levels of THC, is only legal if your state has legalized it. Happy Karma™ Hemp's hemp extract comes from a farm in Oregon that goes through rigorous 3rd party testing and can provide the legal documents proving it complies with federal regulations, upon request.

Hemp-derived CBD does not require any prescription nor the use of a medical card in the United States. Please check your local laws if you reside in a country outside of the USA. CBD Oil from Marijuana is legal in some states and illegal in others. Happy Karma Hemp Extract Oil ONLY uses legal extract from Industrial Hemp (sourced from a family farm in Oregon). Cannabidiol (CBD) from Hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) from marijuana are the same, Hemp just contains 0.3% of THC or less, making it legal. Happy Karma™ Hemp Extract is ready for you to purchase anytime, to get you started on the road to wellness. We ship anywhere in the USA. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship any of our CBD products out of the country.

To watch a video on the legality of Hemp vs. Marijuana, Click HERE (it is also on our "what's hemp?" 



-Will I get "HIGH" using Happy Karma® Hemp CBD Oil?

NOTHC is the one and only compound in the cannabis plant family that allows one to have psychoactive effects or feel “high”.  The amount of THC in hemp is <0.3%  (3/10ths of ONE percent), which is so low, there is no way to get "high".


-Can children take Happy Karma® Hemp CBD Oil?

Please ask your child's physician, as we cannot give medical advice. We have heard many success stories of small children, teens and young adults using Hemp Extract with great results. With that said, for legal purposes, it must be your decision and is to be taken or administered at your own risk. Happy Karma™ and its owner is released of all responsibility.


-Is there a Happy Karma® Hemp CBD for PETS?

YES! We make Paws & Relax™ Pet Hemp Extract Oil by Happy Karma™ Hemp. It comes in a 1oz bottle with 200mg of ACTIVE cannabidiol (CBD). 



-What's the best way to administer your pet oil?

There is an easy dosing chart directly on the bottle for your convenience. Dosing is based upon the weight of each pet. Please Note: Our Pet Oil is in a dropper, unlike our human oil which is in a convenient pump. Our droppers are made of GLASS! We DO NOT recommend using the dropper directly in your pet's mouth!!! (Do so at your own risk) AN animal could unintentionally bite down and break the glass. Follow bottle instructions. We suggest applying the dose drops to your pet's meals, morning and night -or- on the top of your pet's paw for them to lick off.



-Why does Organic CBD cost more than natural supplements?

"From Seed to Soil to Oil",  a lot goes into the process of making the products you see on our website. Much plant material and many steps and required to produce the end result, Quality Organic products, made with Love and Intention in Austin, Texas. Firstly, A large amount of hemp has to be grown on the Family Farm we work with, in Oregon. Then, once the plants go through an extraction process, the extract has to be extensively tested to ensure its make-up, compounds and its purity. This is done by a 3rd-party laboratory and is available to you upon request. Once we receive the extract, we then use other 100% Organic and carefully researched ingredients to formulate it into our sublingual Happy Karma™ Hemp Extract Oils for Humans and Pets as well as our topical Happy Karma™ Hemp Relief Salve. Bottling, graphic designers, printing, labeling, legal council and research also all contribute to the cost all Hemp Extract companies have. Happy Karma™ uses Kosher and organically-grown hemp as well as 100% Organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free ingredients in our oils in addition to paraben-free ingredients in our topical salve. We have set our standards high and demand quality. 


-Do the sublingual oils taste good?

We say YES, and so do our reviews, but taste is subjective. With that said, our owner has formulated our oral/sublingual oils to taste better than any other product they have taste-tested before. Happy Karma Hemp Extract Oil has lovely proprietary blend of floral/pepperminty overtones with the mild sweetness of organic monk fruit extract, which is not only a healthy zero-calorie sweetener derived from fruit, it also has additional natural benefits.


-Has your Hemp been 3rd party tested?

Absolutely, yes. After months of researching and vetting Hemp farmers, Happy Karma® found a wonderful family farm in Oregon that aligned with our ideals, high standards and expectations. Their farming practices are superior to the rest and combine organic and kosher growing as well as USDA Organic, GMP and Kosher Certified Co2 extraction practices. This is HUGE.

We then small-batch manufacture pr proprietary formulations in Austin and have the finished products full-panel 3rd Party tested.

3rd party tests are done to certify these major things:

Cannabinoid content: The concentration of CBD to know the CBD levels in order for us to formulate with ACTIVE CBD content, giving you exactly what we label and say we do.  The concentration of THC in the product is < 0.3%.

Toxic Pesticides: Our farmers test for elevated levels of common or problematic pesticides.

Microbials: This screening verifies that a product is free of harmful microbes: Yeast, Molds, E-coli, and Bacteria’s.

Heavy Metals: This screening verifies that metals are below the limit considered safe for human consumption. Happy Karma™ Hemp oil is handcrafted in Austin from whole-plant full spectrum industrial hemp extract including CBD and our hemp has been 3rd-party lab tested for purity and potency.  Because we never white/private label and are 100% proprietary, we guarantee our potency as well as can trace all of our ingredients back to their organic source, to prove their quality.  We are really proud of this! Click on any of the underlined to see COAs.


-What kind of packaging do you use for shipping?

For the most part, we ship our products in Eco-friendly biodegradable boxes with biodegradable potato starch "peanuts" for cushion. Our CBD bottles are made of glass and can be recycled or reused. Our CBD salves are in recyclable and reusable tin (Never aluminum).  

What do I do if my Happy Karma® Hemp RELIEF Salve melts?

Melting is ok, as the salve started out melted then firmed up, so if yours arrives melted or ever melts in high heat, keep the lid on it, sit it right-side-up and allow it to cool. For quicker cooling, place it in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes. It'll be a good as new again. Keep all Happy Karma™ products out of the sun and heat.

 Now that you're in the know, allow us to help you get on the road to wellness. We all need more Happy Karma in our lives. Helping you is not only our pleasure, it is our entire purpose! SHOP NOW


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