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The Happy Fruit Rosin gummies contain genuine THC (Delta 9), which is derived from Live Rosin in the Hemp plant. Live Rosin is a concentrate that is naturally gathered from cannabis plants. Because it does not contain any solvents, the amount of terpenes that it contains is significantly higher. Live Rosin is extremely difficult to obtain. Avoid getting this confused with "Live Resin," as Live Rosin is a much rarer and exclusive substance. (Explanation at bottom)


Three distinct strains of Rosin Happy Fruit Gummies, each with a mouthwatering flavor and encased in a gummy that is suitable for vegans.


* 10 Gummies Per Pouch





Delta 9 THC + THCV

gummies each have 25 milligrams of full spectrum rosin, 15 milligrams of D9-THC, and 5 milligrams of THCV. This daytime formulation complies with the requirements of the farm bill by containing less than 0.3% THC per gummy.


Ocean Breeze: Coconut Lemon Live Rosin Sativa Blend - *Very Strong and Uplifting, Creative, Focus. Similar to Watermelon Lemonade D8 + THCV and Cherry Limeade D9 + THCV but stronger and more well-rounded for wellness.





 Delta 9 | CBDA | CBGA

Happy Fruit Watermelon Wellness Gummies are a Sativa-Esque but more HYBRID-like daytime blend formulated for *overall health and wellness. The flavor of these gummies is just as sweet, refreshing, and inviting as the blend of cannabinoids they are infused with!


Watermelon Wellness gummies come in a resealable bag with ten gummies total. Each gummy is a high-quality blend of 15mg Delta 9 THC, 25mg CBDa, 25mg CBGa, and 25mg full-spectrum live rosin. This terpene-rich live rosin extract ensures users experience an authentic watermelon flavor.


This blend is an excellent wellness blend to add to a user’s daily routine. Experience a light buzz from the Delta 9 THC, along with the *wellness benefits of CBDa and the pain relief and mood-boosting properties of CBGa.


—What Are CBDa And CBGa?—


If users are familiar with cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system, they know every cannabinoid starts as CBGa (the mother cannabinoid.) CBDa and CBGa are precursors to CBD and CBG.

CBDa and CBGa are the acidic forms of CBD and CBG. When cannabinoids are -heated, dried, or processed, they change -molecular structure through decarboxylation. This process removes an acidic carboxyl group from these cannabinoid’s molecular chain.


Recent studies show that activating the cannabinoid acid and turning it into CBD isn’t completely necessary. Other studies have shown that CBGa and CBDa may be MORE effective in *aiding some diseases and conditions.






Delta 9 THC Live Rosin

Indica-Esqe gummy. These gummies were formulated to be easy, simple, and effective! Many of Happy-Fruit’s gummy formulations are a mixture of cannabinoids created to aid in specific issues, Grape Escape gummies keep it simple, offering amazing taste and good, reliable Delta 9 THC!


These Grape Escape gummies are available in a 10ct resealable bag. Each gummy is blasting with juicy and refreshing grape flavor accentuated to its full potential with live rosin infusion! They contain 15mg Delta 9 THC and 25mg terpene-rich live rosin! Similar to Mellow Mango D9 gummies but well rounded and even stronger.


Users can expect to *feel the warm, calm, and deeply relaxing sensations that Delta 9 THC provides while eating these tasty grape-flavored treats!






What Is The Difference Between Live Rosin And Live Resin?


Although these two types of extractions are nearly identical, one key difference sets them apart. Live rosin and live resin utilize fresh or flash-frozen hemp plants during extraction to help preserve flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoid content. 

The main difference is that live resin extraction is done with solvents and chemicals. Live rosin is a solventless method of extraction. The only other difference between these two methods is that live rosin extraction is thought to preserve even more terpenes than live resin.

The thought is that live rosin is the best to accentuate terpene flavor profiles, while live resin is best for increased potency while still offering a better flavor than a pure distillate.





* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Happy Fruit LIVE Rosin D9 THC Gummies

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