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This blend is as relaxing as it is invigorating. Perfect for the holidays with it’s minty joyful fragrance. Loved by men and women, alike! In the Summertime, this spray will then help you beat the heat with what will end up being your best friend. CHILLAX™ Cooling Crystal Spray contains organic essential oils and ingredients along with cooling energy crystals to help you stay cool. Heat stroke is NO JOKE and neither are hot flashes from menopause, so we wanted to provide you with some relief from it all. Pack your CHILLAX™ and enjoy the great outdoors. This spray is PROPRIETARY to Happy Karma™ Hemp. Handcrafted with love in Austin then Reiki-infused by one of our Reiki Masters, for additional energy, becaue we care. •100% Organic 🌱•Ethically-sourced ♻️•Non-GMO 🌽•Vegan 🌿•Gluten free 🌾•Paraben free 🐝•Cruelty free 🐇•Sustainably-grown 👩🏼‍🌾•Proprietarily formulated ⭐️•Handcrafted 🤲🏻•Woman owned & operated 👭•LGBTQ friendly 🌈WARNING: DO NOT GET IN THE EYES OR MOUTH

CHILLAX™ Cooling Crystal Spray by Happy Karma®

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    Does NOT contain any Hemp nor CBD. Not for internal use. 

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