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How to Care for your Koshi™ Chimes

Setting up your Koshi Chimes 


When you receive your Koshi chime(s) you may find that the cord has been placed inside the resonance tube and may also be wound around the metal rods for protection during transit. It can be freed by turning the chime upside down and gently shaking chime, moving the dangling wind catcher or by pushing the string over the metal rods with a pencil or similar object. Then you're ready to hang your Koshi chimes. 

Caring for your Koshi Chimes 


Koshi chimes are made for indoors and outdoors, though its recommended they be placed in an area protected from the harsher elements (strong wind, full sun and rain) for a longer life expectancy such as under a porch, eaves or other protected area. In damp weather, especially in coastal areas, it's best to bring them indoors. If you choose to hang indoors, you can use plant hangers to hang in your favorite spots. Some people hang them near a thermostat and ring them for moments of mindfulness or next to a child's bed for children to self-soothe at night. There are lots of creative ways and places to hang your chime.

Koshi chimes are treated with a natural timber oil & fungicide during their manufacture to protect them from the effects of humidity. Like all wooden objects, the Koshi chimes bamboo veneer will also need oiling from time to time depending on your local weather conditions. You can use either clear ‘teak oil’ (recommended) or clear ‘tung oil’ which you should find in your local hardware shop. They both work well. For protection from mold it’s ideal to add a fungicide to the oil. As an alternative to regular fungicides, you can use a natural product such as clove oil or tea tree oil (make sure the tea tree oil you use is derived from ‘Melaleuca Alternifolia.’) 


Cleaning and re-oiling method: 


 First clean the Koshi chime if dirty with warm water and sponge, when fully dry then apply the oil with a cloth.  You may need a few applications of the oil. For more stubborn mold, make a paste using bicarbonate of soda and a little water. Gently rub on to the affected areas and brush off when dry. Then apply oil. 


Note: The nickel coated steel bars may oxidize over time with humidity, this will not affect the Koshi’s sound or tuning. 


How to identify the four Koshi Melodies: 


Once you have removed the tag from your Koshi chimes, there is a color system to help identify the melody. On the bamboo chime body the word "Koshi" is painted with a color in the "o" of koshi. Each color represents the individual chime:

Green = Terra (Earth) 

Blue = Aqua (Water) 

Yellow = Aria (Air) 

Red = Ignis (Fire) 


Thank you for purchasing your Koshi chime(s) from us, we hope that you enjoy them for many years to come! Please contact us if you need any more information. Currently, we only sell Koshi Chimes in our Etsy store.

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